The Grass Is Always Greener with Turf Distributors

The best compliment to get at the neighborhood community meetings is to be told that your lawn is the best on the block. There is nothing better than coming home to freshly manicured and bight true green lawn. How can you achieve this look you ask? Your answer is right here with Turf Distributors artificial turf. Our artificial lawns are installed by our specialists. We never contract our work to other companies. We ensure that our specialists are trained to deliver world class services.

No matter what season it is your lawn will always be as green as it would be on a hot summer day. Not only does the grass look like a world class lawn but it feels like a dream come true. The high quality production of the artificial fibers are constructed to remain soft and durable. under all circumstances. Unless you tell the neighbors that your grass is artificial they will assume that you are spending thousands on our lawn to maintain its beauty.

There is no maintenance required for your lawn. Anytime that you detect a flaw in, on or around the lawn all you have to do as a valued customer is contact us and we will expedite a representative from our company to come out inspect the lawn to identify all blemishes and schedule a time to complete all repairs. We want all of our customers to know that our lawns are durable, easily drained after the rain so no water damage is done to the lawn, safe for all pets and most importantly, the lawn is safe for children of all ages.

Turf Distributors allows you to have a natural, plush, and soft to the touch yard year long. The weather does not affect this artificial lawn. Do not be fooled by imitators in the industry. We have a proven system and chemical make up for our artificial lawn that will ensure that the fibers will remain durable. This is why we stand behind our product 100% guaranteed.

Always remember that there is no need to water the Turf Distributors artificial lawn. The lawn will maintain its installed beauty. The lawn will never become dirty as there is s a system in place to keep the dirt isolated from the fibers. Pets love Turf Distributors. Dog especially are our number one loves. All urine will be drained through the scientifically designed fibers and released into the earth below. This keeps the durability of the grass in tact. No fertilizers or pesticides are required on the artificial lawn. The chemical make up of the fibers repels certain insects and creates an environment that is not stable for insects to survive. This does not mean that your yard will not have mosquitoes, but it does mean that you are less likely to develop an infestation type issue.

Now that you know all of the benefits to Turf Distributors what are you waiting for? The faster you act on this opportunity to never have to maintain your lawn again the faster you can enjoy more time doing something you love. Reach out to Turf Distributors so that we can get you scheduled for your in home evaluation for an installation of our premiere artificial turf. You will not regret your decision buying your TD Turf.