Got A Yard, But No Grass? No Problem!

Everyone loves working in their yard, right? Well not really. Some do and a lot actually hate it. However, everyone wants that perfect yard. Let’s face it, not everyone has a green thumb, especially when it comes to grass. It just seems like, no matter what you do, the grass just won’t grow in certain parts of the yard, so what do you do?

 How about trying artificial turf? You are probably thinking, “fake grass” in my yard? Don’t laugh, it is a growing movement. Not only is it virtually maintenance-free, but you also look out on a green yard at any time of the year. No more moving the water sprinkler around, adding fertilizers, lime, weed and feed, or mowing. Just get up on your day off, and actually relax, or go out and have fun.

 There are all different kinds of uses for artificial turf and plenty of turf supply with the growth of using artificial grass. One of the main uses everyone knows is on the back porch, but now you can spread it out into different parts of the yard. Are you a golf enthusiast? Why not put your own putting green out in the backyard. It is also great to use in the side yards where there are mature trees that block all the sun. Now you can have a beautiful side yard and keep the trees for shaded relaxing.

 A great place to use artificial turf is in the play area of the yard. Put it under the playground. Studies have shown that having the turf under playgrounds, softens the fall when your little fall off the playground. It decreases the chances of broken bones and concussions. It also virtually eliminates mud puddles and brown spots where kids play the most.

 If you have dogs, you know all too well, the damage they cause to grass. When dogs do “their business”, it kills the grass. With turf, there is easy to clean up by just rinsing it away. The dogs love it, for rolling around and scratching their backs too. The whole family will love having artificial turf, so start researching it today!