Field turf for sports

Times are quickly changing for those who play sports. The competition is getting tougher and the players are demanding better field conditions AGL Grass can offer that competitive synthetic turf. The whole point of having a Home Field advantage is that you know how your field feels and you can move your way around it with no trouble. But when the weather is inconsistent and holes and bumps are made, the athletes can’t depend on their field. To fix this issue, a lot of arenas are replacing their natural grass areas where they play with field turf.

Field turf is just like synthetic grass, it’s the same concept except this one relies less on the fluffiness of the grass and more on the level grounded field that these athletes are going to be running and playing on.

The field will have a stronger bounce to it, making it easier for the players to get around quickly. The ground is level so they will not have to worry about an uphill climb or any bumps that might trip them up. And the surface is less rough than natural grass so when they do get tripped up they will be less likely to have a serious injury.

Another advantage to having field turf instead of natural grass is that if it rains on game day, the field is going to dry about 10 times faster than natural grass would. Meaning that just because the game gets delayed an hour or so, you can still have the game later in the day because once the rain stops the field will immediately soak up the water and it will look and feel as if it had not rained at all in the first place. If you are looking for a reason to trade out the traditional field with field turf, this is your reason. There are more pros than cons with this decision and the turf, if taken care of properly, can last years. So make the jump and get your players the field that they deserve.