Is Synthtic Turn Right for You?

Many homeowners find that they either have to spend many summer afternoons mowing and watering their lawn, in order to have a lush, green one, or they have to hire someone to care for it. Hiring someone can be an expense that homeowners simply don’t want to deal with. However, they also don’t want to spend countless hours trying to keep their lawns green in the summer. More and more homeowners are opting for synthetic turf and it makes a lot of sense. Read on for some of the reasons that this option is gaining momentum.

Sun and Shade Mix

There is grass for sunny areas and for shady areas. However, what do you do when your lawn is a mixture. You may have sun in most of the front yard, but shade where your two trees are. The grass that is meant for a sunny area, fails to grow well under the trees, so you’re stuck with patchy grass.

Lack Of Water

All lawns need water, this is especially important in the hot, summer months. These may also be the months when rain is lacking. Unless you have sprinklers or are dedicated to carrying the hose around and making sure that the entire lawn is evenly watered, you will end up with dry, brown spots. These are very unattractive and they detract from the look of your yard. It takes a lot of dedication to make sure your lawn is evenly watered.

Tired of Mowing

When most people think of the fun things they want to do in their free time, mowing the lawn is usually not on that list. If you’re tired of dragging the mower out and mowing the lawn, this option is excellent for you. It never needs cutting.

If you want a great looking lawn without all of the work, join the many smart homeowners who are making the switch to a synthetic turf. It will always look great, and the children and pets will enjoy it just as much as a traditional lawn.

Major Don’ts To Avoid When Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is here yet again and across the nation grills are being prepped. If you are one who loves outdoor cooking a good investment in your home is an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to welcome the summer. However, an outdoor kitchen project can become an outdoor nightmare if not done properly. So if you are planning on upping your barbecue game here are some costly mistakes to avoid.

Remember to Vent

Proper placement of air vents is an important design feature of any outdoor kitchen. Vents prevent gas buildup and are an unavoidable safety feature. They have to be placed at six foot intervals to provide adequate ventilation and the height of the vents depends on the type of gas you use. Propane for instance is a heavier gas and requires vents to be placed low. In order to ensure you are safe pay extra attention to how you install the vents, where you install the vents, what type of gas you use, and the distance between them.

Do Not Get Cabinet Happy

A good set of cabinets and drawers can make any space look impressive. However, they can also cause huge headaches for an outdoor kitchen when the plumbing and gas lines go in. An important rule of thumb to remember is that you do not have to enclose everything. Another important thing to remember is to put your gas lines and plumbing in first before you decide on cabinets. Once you know the exact parameters of what you want to enclose you can craft a better space to enclose it.

Do Not Get Outdoor Appliances

Appliances build to withstand the elements live a longer life and provider better use than ones designed for indoor use. So if you plan on putting in something like a refrigerator you need to make sure it is rated for outdoor use. Do not use indoor appliances because the outdoor weather will put them out of service faster.

Separate Your Cooling and Cooking Appliances

Contractors will always talk to you about zones. The reason why is that any zone used for cooling things needs to be separate from a zone that heats things up. If you were to put a refrigerator next to your grill the heat both appliances give off would eventually cause them to fail faster. Not to mention if a proper barrier was not installed the overheating could cause damage and present a fire hazard. So when designing your outdoor kitchen make sure you put the refrigerator across from the grill with proper barriers to separate both.

Talk To a Contractor

Even if you are a DIYer consulting a contractor is an important step when building an outdoor kitchen. Contractors make sure the job is done right adhering to all the safety measures required. Contractors can handle tough jobs you do not have the expertise for. Chief among them being installation of gas lines. A good contractor is also a great source to use for an inspection. Biltright Construction can design and build your dream outdoor kitchen. They can make sure you are doing the job right and save you from making big mistakes.